Friday, January 11, 2019

Calendar blocks

Some Instagrammers post 'month marker' images, to act as easy to find date stamps on their accounts, helping to keep track of when things were posted. Each image on Instagram has a date stamp, but you can't see them until you open the image. 

Last year Miriam made a quilt block for each month using her extensive collection of quirky cowboy prints (you would not believe how many cowboy print fabrics there are out there!), and by the end of the year had a quilt's worth of themed blocks ready to sew together. In 2019, Jill is joining Miriam in what is like having your own private block of the month, helping you to find Instagram posts, and maybe making a dent in the stash. The quilt at the end is a bonus.

One of Miriam's 2018 patchwork cowboy blocks
- really looking forward to seeing this quilt finished!

Miriam is making scrappy Plus and Cross block month markers
 from her stash in 2019.

Jill is making 15" Winged Star blocks, each with a Monika
Fosberg bird from her Savernake Road designs at its centre, 

and stash fabrics for the wings.

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