Saturday, January 19, 2019

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Still on holidays? Too hot to really get stuck into actual sewing/quilting yet? Here are some links to articles you might enjoy reading under the fan, with a cool drink. Some of them have been on the 'to post' list for a while ...

Craft is not trivial
.. when we talk about our craft practice – around how to make with more thought and intention - that we are reduced to a bunch of people who aren’t acknowledging their privilege? That we become people who don’t care about the real issues in the world as we are obviously thinking too much about this trivial hobby. This thinking is prevalent more widely too, in discussions about slow fashion, and food choices, and environmental stewardship. If we care about any of those things we are simply not acknowledging our privilege. I don’t think this is true.
We can acknowledge our privilege, work towards change, and also spend time talking about, and doing, a thing that brings us pleasure and joy and purpose and meaning. And well-being ...
The Craft Sessions, 4 January 2019 

The History of the Color Red: From Ancient Paintings to Louboutin Shoes
Red is not only one of the primary colors, it’s also one of the first colors used by artists—dating back to prehistory. Ranging from orange tinges to deep wine hues, throughout history the color red has held special significance for cultures around the world ...

Jessica Stewart, My Modern Met, 26 September 2018

An Important Archive of New York Quilt History Is Being Digitized
The American Folk Art Museum is digitizing the New York Quilt Project, an archive of over 6,000 quilts and their histories. 
... Started by the American Folk Art Museum (AFAM) in the 1980s, the archive includes information and photographs of over 6,000 quilts, mostly made before 1940. Now AFAM is digitizing these materials to make them more accessible to researchers. 
... The vast majority of these quilts are not at the New York City museum, but are heirlooms in private collections, whether an attic in the Catskills or a quilt trunk in Brooklyn. 
Allison Meier, 20 December 2017.   A little more information here, the two year project should be approaching its finish date.

Sewing for Mental Health – How Sewing Can Improve Your Mood
... telling yourself to not do something, even if you know it’s not in your best interest, doesn’t alleviate the original distress. Having an alternative healthy coping strategy in advance is critical. A creative outlet or engaging in a repetitive craft is an empowering self-regulating and soothing tool during particularly stressful times ...
Amanda Carestio, Sew Daily, 10 October 2017

The Sleep Quilt
... The Sleep Quilt is unlike any other quilt you will have seen. Commissioned by Tracy Chevalier, it is entirely stitched and quilted by prisoners in the UK.

Each of the 63 squares explores what sleep means for them. A moment of escape for some, for others a dark return to all they most regret in life, sleep has a great significance in jail that is only strengthened by the difficulty of finding it in the relentlessly noisy, hot and cramped environment ...
The Textile Blog, 21 September 2017

Author's Quilt on Display in Beatrix Potter's Home
Planning a visit to Hill Top, Beatrix Potter's farmhouse, today a historic home and museum in Cumbria? Well, now when you tour the lovingly preserved home, you'll get to see a beautiful quilt created by none other than Michele Hill, author of Stitching with Beatrix Potter! Michele tells us the whole story ...
Harriet Riddell travels the world creating stitched tapestries from life with her pedal-powered sewing machine. Traveling to exotic locations to capture the sights in plein air compositions is nothing new, but an intrepid British artist is blazing a new trail of in-situ artworks with her sewing machine ...
Andrew Salomone, Creators, 25 March 2017

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