Thursday, January 17, 2019

First show and tell for 2019

We're back from our summer break, and lots of sewing has been happening. It has been too, too hot (when we're not having storms!) for much in the way of finishing quilts, but we will be ready for the cooler weather when it comes!

Adrienne pulled out an older unfinished project to work on - it 
is tiny and exquisite, currently about the size of an A4 sheet of 
paper, foundation pieced. Those tiny columns of flying geese 
at top left are the borders - there is one more to make, and 
Adrienne hopes the construction method comes back to her soon!
From a pattern by Anne Sommerlad Designs.
Here are the measurements for the curious:
Size of quilt now - 13 1/2" x 11 1/2”
Flying geese borders 1 1/2”
Small blocks are 2” square
3rd border cut 1 1/2” so will end up 1”
Finished size 15 1/2” x 18”

(Sue H's version of this same design appeared in this post from two years ago)

Daphne is pondering a border for her disappearing four
patch community quilt - it looks so crisp and summery!

Daphne also tackled her batik stash to produce these bright
and happy improv square-in-a-square blocks - and made
no dent in it at all, she says!

300 small red yo-yos (Suffolk Puffs) have been keeping
Denise occupied.

Helen's friend admired a similar quilt she made, so being a
great friend, Helen made one for her in these pretty fabrics
... and then realised that her friend probably really liked the
colours in the red, black and white original. So she's
making another one in those colours!

Julie has recently spent several weeks in hospital with a
challenging condition. She had cut out many hexagons for
this quilt, and was able to work on them from time to time
during her hospital stay. She calls it her sanity quilt.
Beautiful, soft, soothing.

After a very few weeks at home, Julie decided she needed to
catch up with the community quilt she had intended to make.
She had selected fabrics from the community stash, and
has married the berry colours of the sashing and borders
beautifully with the patches.
Sue's sewing machine is thoughtfully placed very close
to the air-conditioning outlet in her sewing room, so she
happy to add the side borders to her jelly roll quilt, and
has pattern-matched the backing ready for it to be quilted.

Susan's current project, a quilt requested by her ten year old
step-grandson expresses how many of us feel at the height
of this very hot summer! His favourite colours are red, orange
and yellow, and she wanted to use prints that he will not
grow out of quickly. Nailed it.

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