Monday, April 7, 2014

Around the show (1) ...

We celebrated our 30th anniversary at our quilt show last weekend:

Elaine B made this fun garland for the occasion

Some of our history was on display - you could trace a timeline
through our hairstyles and glasses frames!
The quilts here are two 'first quilts' made by members.

Some early quilts made by members
Only a few members still had their very first quilt ...
and some first quilts were not finished, even after many years,
so some are early quilts, rather than first quilts ...

... some more early quilts, and a happy visitor.

Elaine Walton, the Convenor of Fairholme Quilters (centre)
congratulated and thanked Lynette Harvey, the 2014 Show
Convenor (left) and Sue Crowe, who designed the displays and
supervised the hanging and taking down of the quilts
- both are enormous, time-consuming commitments.

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