Friday, April 4, 2014

Hanging the quilts ... a little preview

If you have ever set up a quilt show, you will know that hanging the quilts takes a small army, a lot of physical effort, planning, coordination and time ... thank you to everyone entered quilts, and everyone who helped late into last night, especially our partners and sons, who keep coming back, even though they know what they are in for!

Going up ...
... and up ...
... nearly done.
Congratulations to Lynette Harvey (Exhibition Convenor) and Sue Crowe (Manager of Quilt Hanging) ... it's looking very good.

Within the exhibition of members' quilts, there are several small 'galleries' of quilts with a specific theme: the 2014 Colour Challenge; a display of quilts from various workshops; a display of community quilts; a little Fairholme history to celebrate our 30th Anniversary; and some examples of the first quilts we ever made.

This morning the vendors are bumping in and setting up, the kitchen is abuzz with food preparation and the doors will be open at 11.00 am. Welcome!

Thanks for the photos, Miriam Jones

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