Friday, April 18, 2014

Community quilts ... the sorting hat has spoken

After keeping aside some of the quilts we have made at our monthly sewing days for a display at our recent quilt show we have a good supply to distribute.  So the metaphorical quilt 'sorting hat'* came out at our April sewing day on Thursday, and we decided where they all belonged.  

Here are some of the latest additions to the current collection of 13 that will go to foster children, via the Quilters Guild of NSW:

Elaine added some eye-catching borders to this graphic cat panel
These two quilts are much larger than they look in this photo, 
 where they are each folded in half, because we were not tall 
 enough to hold them up at full length! They are the first two 
quilts made from our 2013 Christmas challenge blocks, 
based on Cheryl Arkison's colour 'slabs' from 
Sunday Morning Quilts. They are simply quilted with a 
serpentine stitch, making them quite quick to complete. There is 
one more waiting to be quilted (you can probably guess what 
colour it is!), and a further block collection is being built up 
slowly for at least one more.
This vibrant graphic quilt is another donation from one of our 
members, the talented and generous Robin W, who loves to 
make quilts for children. She has an amazing flair for colour 
and line. This one is beautifully hand-quilted. Every fabric 
here is patterned with dots, spots or circular graphics, 
and the design has a distinct 3 dimensional feel.

This bundle will go to the renal dialysis unit at a local hospital ...

And this bundle is for a local nursing home ...

* A Harry Potter reference ... if you haven't read the books or seen the movies, you probably don;t want to know more!

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