Monday, April 3, 2017

Logs and Ladders (1)

We enjoyed a stimulating and fun Logs and Ladders workshop with Brenda Gael Smith of Serendipity Patchwork on Saturday. The workshop is technique rather than pattern based, so there was ample opportunity for individual expression and freedom, and lot of group interaction. Recommended for a group looking for a fun challenge in patchwork.

We started with a close-up look at Brenda's beautiful
quilts using both her 'Logs' and 'Ladders' techniques, and
curved free form piecing. We revisited the quilts throughout the
workshop and towards the end, Brenda talked us through some
non-binding edge-finishing techniques.
A first quick exercise in constructing a ladder unit was the
only time that Brenda really told us what to do - from then on
we consulted her as we needed to, she advised suggested,
and demonstrated, but there were no rules (or rulers!)
Gorgeous piles of fabric emerged onto the worktables - the top
one is Georgie's, and below are Miriam's solids, bought from
the Modern Quilt Studio at a Houston show a couple of years
ago. They have an inviting texture with a slight slub effect,
and you can see how lovely the colours are.
Miriam 'doesn't use solids' - until now ...
Jo's workspace above, and Roslyn's below - Jo pointed out that
although they are close friends and have often worked together,
the difference is typical of their individual preferences!

Some of the riot of colour, shape and scale that emerged over the day. 
Left to right from top left, the makers were:
Helen, Margaret W, Georgie, Linda, Lynette, 

Miriam, Dawn, Elaine B, Susan M
More detailed photos later ...

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