Friday, April 7, 2017

Logs and Ladders (2): details and progress

The success of this workshop last weekend can be seen in how many people brought their blocks in on Monday for show and tell, how many people had continued to work on them during the weekend, and had plans for further progress, and even some finished quilt tops. We look forward to seeing more! Our thanks to Brenda Gael Smith for a stimulating day.

Linda brought fabrics she wasn't too keen on,
so she didn't mind experimenting with them -
and now she loves them and can see a whole
quilt happily emerging.
Helen made a pile of logs, which have now
been joined by some repurposed blocks from her
stash, and she has enough for a community quilt.

Pat's logs and ladder  on the left are resting
while she isthinking about where they will go next;
Georgie's gorgeous yellow logs will be home soon
after a little sojourn with Australia Post, and
Elaine B's tiny logs (with tiny, tiny pieces!) will
become a dolly's quilt for her little granddaughter.
Margaret W was aiming for pink-purple ladders,
but they turned into apartment blocks - they might
grow into a city under Margaret's creative hand. 
Miriam said on Monday that her logs blocks
are resting while she too thinks about them.
Jills ladders on the left have evolved into those on the right,
and have been joined by a little log - she has a plan now.
Roslyn immersed herself in the workshop, completing all of her
blocks by the end of the day!By Monday morning she had
completed her beautiful quilt top.that she is very happy with
- and the rest of us were astonished.
Nerida not only organised the workshop and managed the day,
but by Monday morning she had finished her mini quilt top.
Everyone loved her blocks as we saw them come to life
during touch of that lovely red was a little bit of genius!

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