Saturday, April 15, 2017

Logs and Ladders (3): added value

During our workshop on saturday, we had the opportunity to see Brenda Gael Smith's Copa Abstractions (Textile sketches inspired by Copacabana and environs and completed as part of a self guided Weekly Art Project) tiny art quilts, up close, as she generously brought them to share with us. They look fabulous on the webpage, but even better 'in the cloth'. They are part of a year long project, and will eventually be included in a planned solo exhibition. See them online now, but look out for the announcement of the exhibition.

Brenda's work Karkalla has been named as a finalist in the 2017 AQC Challenge Made in Australia: Flora and Fauna - winners will be announced next week at the Melbourne event. Congratulations!

Brenda used a number of books to show us added examples of the work of other  improv quilt artists, including Cindy Grisdela's Artful Improv. Here is a short video, in which the author introduces her method of making improv log cabin blocks:

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