Saturday, February 24, 2018

Bags, bags, bags ...

We can do a good line in bags, as well as quilts ...

No-one does Liberty and linen like Janice
- and perfect little clamshells.
Robyn B was a bit hesitant about the fabrics she'd
brought at the start of our SewMiriam workshop ...
... but they went together beautifully, and positively glow.
Robyn L has made some of her magic crochet bags for
the craft stall at our Quilt Show - it folds into a little pouch
at the base to take up no room at all in your pocket or handbag.
And they are in beautiful colours.

Jenn's clever Inside-Outside pouch, made from Aneela Hooey's
pattern intrigued. The pattern is available to buy individually,
and there are several more in Stitched Sewing Organisers,
published by C and T in 2017. 
The clear outer pockets are made with vinyl sold for tablecloths
by Spotlight.. The interior has more pockets and is very roomy.
The thread rainbow is not included.

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