Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Two little quilts, and 'Days for Girls'

Our 2017 end-of-year challenge has been a great success (as they usually are) - it has helped us to move on some projects that we were so not going to finish ourselves, stimulated creativity in those who took on each ufo, and produced nearly thirty useful and beautiful finishes. There were no rules about what was to be made, and the makers were free to use them or gift them however they wished. Some of them are being used in our homes, some have been gifts for others, and a number have been passed on to others through various community projects, including our own that we often post about here.

You can see in this post how Margaret made bags from donated blocks that were sold at a local church market to support children in the Solomon Islands.

Julie made two quilts from just a few blocks collected from the abandoned ufo pile back in October, that Yvette has generously quilted on her new longarm machine. She has decided to donate them to a fundraiser organised by her Rotary Club, to support the Days for Girls project internationally (click on the 'about us' tab on the linked page to see a short video of what they can achieve). We did not actually imagine that our fun challenge that rounds out our quilting year might have such a reach, but the making of these two little quilts will help to change the lives of girls somewhere in the developing world.

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