Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Show and tell

Spots are very popular with quilters - our local quilt shop has
two large shelves of bolts of spots right at their large cutting
counters - and they pretty much all go together. Lynette found
a pile of spotty squares from the community stash and added
to it from her own considerable supplies, including the fresh
white background, to make this fun zingy community quilt top
that is going to make someone very happy.
Julie started early on a quilt for a grea grandchild expected last year - she didn't know if it would be boy or a girl, but she took a punt on pink, and planned to donate it to community quilts and start again if it was a little boy. When Sophie arrived, great-grandma won the bet!
Detail of baby Sophie's quilt, beautifully long-arm quilted by Yvette

Yvette delivered three quilts last week, prompting lots of
binding activity this week. This one is for Jill's son who asked
for 'toucans and circles' - Yvette quilted in circles and loops.
Yvette's third delivery was for Pat, whose sister gave her a
large bundle of oriental fabrics that she didn't think she would
use. Pat made log cabins (one of her favourite blocks),
and is planning to give the quilt back to her sister.

Elaine W took the few left-over blocks from another 'finishing
for someone else' project, and put them together for her 2017
end-of-year challenge. An unintentional secondary diagonal
pattern has emerged from her serendipitous placement of the
darker pieces. Lovely to see it finished for our 2018
community collection.
Lynette has been in 'finishing off' mode for s few weeks
(there will be some more to see in our next community quilts post).
A collection of loose blocks came to us via Janet, and was obviously
made some time ago. Lynette has set half of them against a background
of a fresh navy spot on white, breathing new life into them. Late last
year Lynette made the first quilt from the original set of 18 blocks,
already in use by a resident of a dementia care centre.

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