Thursday, February 8, 2018

Show and tell - more summer sewing (2)

 Dawn and Julie are both prolific quilters, so it was not a great surprise that within the first couple of weeks after our long summer break, they had nine (!) quilts to show us between them - two of Julie's are in the previous post.

Dawn 1: Miriam's tutorial for her 'In a Whirl' quilt has
been very popular, and as a keeper and user of scraps,
Dawn has been one of its early adopters. This is her
third version, all finished.

Dawn 2: A classic Irish chain, made from fabrics cut by
 a quilter who is now in aged care, and to be returned
to her as a finished quilt - a living instance of

Dawn 3: All sorts of building and electrical prints
from the community stash - quilted by Yvette.

Dawn 4: More from the community stash, including
a lovely big panel to delight someone who like diggers
and trucks and big building. Also quilted by Yvette.

Dawn 5: Much of this subtly rich fabric came from
Georgie's pre-moving de stash, put to excellent use.
Dragonflies and deep blues for Julie's
grandson's 30th birthday.
Julie's fresh, crisp machine appliqued and embroidered quilt.
The yellow border and the blue striped sashing are on point
for a summery feel.

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