Friday, June 24, 2016

Fairholme quilters at Sydney Quilt Show (1)

Yes, this week is all about the 2016 Sydney Quilt Show. Some of our members have quilts hanging in the show, as is our 2016 raffle quilt, Rousillon which is having its last outing before being handed over to the raffle winner. Miriam kindly took photos for us, and she has posted a blog of her favourite quilts.

Julie White - Egyptian Memories (121) 169 x 149 cm
I designed this quilt around the Egyptian patterned
fabric of Gods and Hieroglyphs incorporating
complimentary patterns to highlight the design.
Machine quilted by Sue Olma, So She Quilts

(Photo: Miriam Jones)
Julie White - Tree of Life (127) 165 x 158 cm
The centre panel is from Michele Hill’s ‘Morning Glory’ quilt.
The borders I adapted from that panel adding other features,
the central top bird and the rabbits at the bottom. Quilt Design by
Michele Hill Machine quilted by Sue Olma, So She Quilts

(Photo: Miriam Jones)
Jill O'Connor - Cut Loose (138) 153 x 153 cm
Designed as a series of vague sketches, all pieces were free
cut with scissors or rotary cutter, without rulers . Essentially
design-as-you-go, in response to colour and shape. Improvisation
with intent, influenced by Gwen Marston's aesthetic.

(Photo: Miriam Jones)
Award winner Linda Steele has posted some of the 200 photos she took during her Wednesday visit to the Show, on her blog, here - well worth a look.

Sydney Exhibition centre at Glebe Island has posted an album of 37 photos from the Show on its Facebook page, here.

You can also follow Quilt NSW via Instagram: @quiltnsw and the #sydneyquiltshow2016 and on Facebook where you will find many photos.

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