Friday, June 3, 2016

Images from the Fairholme Quilt Show (6)

Miriam ran some bag-making workshops for members, and
is now teaching regularly through Cottage Quiltworks, and
as a guest teacher for other groups. This display  of bags
brightened the space behind our information table.
Susan McMahon made her 'Jolly Stars' quilt after a workshop
with Catherine Butterworth, using Marti Michel templates.
There are no curved seams in the blocks.

Pat Nerlich
This quilt came about as a result of an Anne Sommerlad
workshop I attended in early 2014. The quilt design was
reproduced by Anne Sommerlad from a photograph of an
original quilt from ‘Quilts in Virginia’. The quilt is believed
to have been made by unknown slaves circa 1800, possibly
on Beaver Dam plantation in Hanover County. I wanted
to make it because it was so classically beautiful and I thought
it would challenge my quilting skills, which it did!
I would like to hang it on my wall but most likely it
will be used on my bed. Hannover Blues was beautifully
 custom quilted by Jo-Ann Phillips of Quiltwise.
Lyn Lang
This is Anne Sommerlad’s design which I started
in a workshop using paper foundation piecing and
finished in March 2016. My daughter Kathryn has
claimed it for herself and I nearly went blind
machine quilting it with black thread.
Elaine Walton
Began February 2014 in a workshop with Anne Sommerlad.
As I wanted to make the quilt smaller than the original, I was
pleased to have suggestions regarding fabric choices and design
from Margaret Sampson George, and Margaret Cormack.
 Machine pieced and quilted.

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