Wednesday, June 29, 2016

This week at Fairholme ...

It seems there were many Fairholme quilters at the Sydney Quilt Show for at least one day, some for more. Everyone enjoyed the show, and quite a bit of shopping might have been done, but no-one was showing off their purchases - we'll eventually see them in quilts.

Thanks for a good show QuiltNSW - see you next year back at Darling Harbour.

Diana has decided to knit a blanket for each of her three
grandchildren for their 18th birthdays. The oldest is
only 13, so she has made a good start with this one!

A happy little quilt from Sue H (we now have five
Sue's!). Community quilters, note the design -
not as complicated as the overall view suggests
at first. The background is a small red dot on white,
and the inner border is ric-rac braid, sewn carefully
between the centre and outer border so that only
the outer points can be seen.
This one is also Sue's - for a new baby in the family.
Sue was hoping to be on the road over the mountains to
Dubbo right after our meeting on the coldest day for
20 years! Hope you took the quilts to keep you warm Sue.

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