Monday, April 30, 2018

Fairholme Quilt Show: members' challenge (4 of 4)

Our recent quilt show included a members’ challenge, curated by Roslyn, to make a 12” block in black and white fabric, with up to 10% of a ‘splash of colour’ from a solid fabric provided to each entrant. 43 entries later we had a great display, and the makings of three quilts. Here is the final batch:

Robin Williams

Robyn Leek

Roslyn Pullen

Sharron Egan

Sue Brennan

Sue Hodges

Susan McMahon

Val Nadin

Val Nadin

Yvette Aoude
All 43 blocks arranged randomly - a screenshot of the image icons
as they were lined up in a file folder by an image processing app.
Thank you to everyone who contributed a block (or two), and to Roslyn Pullen who curated the challenge and the display.

Photos: Andrew Freelander and Sue Crowe - thank you for photographing every block!

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