Friday, April 20, 2018

Our thanks to all who made our quilt show possible

So many people contribute to a quilt show ... the planners, the quilters, the workers who put the display together, the shops that brought their merchandise, those who supplied home-made food, those who made wonderful craft items, all of the members who worked throughout the show to man the entry desk, the information table, the floor display, the craft stall and kitchen, and all the myriad jobs that made it such a success. 

And the visitors who came and enjoyed it, and made it all worthwhile. 

Thank you all - your support will enable us to keep on serving our community through the quilting we love.

Pat had the enormous job of overseeing and coordinating
the show from the chair of the sub-committee, and did a
fabulous job, for the second time. Helen presented her with
flowers as a token of our thanks.
Sue designed the display and supervised the set-up and 
take-down of the frames, and organised the quilt entries - 
another huge job. 
Roslyn worker for more than a year to bring the very
successful craft stall together, with hand-made
contributions  from many members. There might have
been a few pre-sales ...
Elsa and Linda planned and supervised catering (but
that's Lyn and Daphne in the photo) - many members
donated delicious home-baked goods, and members
  manned the kitchen providing fresh made sandwiches
 as well, throughout the show.

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