Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fairholme Quilters + Studio ARTES = win-win

Our collaboration with the textile artists from Studio ARTES at our quilt show last weekend was a great success for all of us. 

We took the opportunity to collect donations for the fire
appeal - the response was excellent - thank you to
everyone who donated.
Studio ARTES' exhibition and pop-up shop was a great addition to the show, both for the wonderful artworks and the warmth they brought. The artists engaged visitors, achieving excellent sales from the pop-up shop, visitors donated generously to the Studio's fire recovery appeal, and they distributed lots of information about Studio ARTES. 

They did well financially both from sales and from the donations collected for the fire appeal. It was a good opportunity for them to stage a community event very soon after the fire, and while some of the works that were chosen for the show were destroyed, Lise Anderson (Gallery Manager) and the artists still curated a very appealing collection. Show visitors were captivated by the resilience and maturity of the artists, following such a dramatic event as the fire was, and there were lots of enquiries about the programs and opportunities the Studio provides.

Adam Mandarano attended the show each day, demonstrating
his weaving skills, and encouraging visitors to have a turn on
the portable loom. Adam's woven infinity scarves sold out.
Emily Crockford and Lisa Scott both had art works on display,
and took turns working in the pop-up shop

Emily's soft sculpted koalas were popular. 
Annette Gaulston's mermaid was the first item sold
- about one minute after sales opened!
We are already thinking about the potential for future collaborations.

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