Friday, April 29, 2016

Works in progress at the quilt show

Photos are still coming in from the Quilt Show, so there will be a few more posts to come. The arrangement of the quilts hung in rows works well for personal visitors, but not so well for full front-on photos of all the quilts. And photographing each one as they are hung would slow the process down so much we'd still be doing it.

We reserved a little space to display current works in progress to show non-quilter visitors some of the process ... we might see some of them finished next time:

Nerida is signed up for Sarah Fielke's 2016 Block of the Month,
and is keeping up so far. You can see she has a well considered
colour plan, and it will be a beautiful quilt.
Roslyn's plan to enter her large hexagon quilt (left) in the
show was going very well, until the long arm quilter had
an accident and it couldn't be finished in time.
Georgie's large quilt (right) is a long term project, being
made mostly by hand, under the guidance of Margaret
Sampson George. The hand quilting is progressing well, but
 it's a big quilt, and quilting it over the summer was trying ...

Several visitors asked to vote for one the works-in-progress as their Viewers' Choice - we said they weren't eligible yet, but they voted for them anyway!

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