Sunday, April 3, 2016

Studio ARTES at our Quilt Show next weekend

For each of our two yearly quilt shows, we have chosen a local community organisation as the beneficiary of our quilt raffle. This year, we decided to give our donation to Studio ARTES, in addition to inviting their textile artists to be our guest exhibitors and to hold a market stall on the show floor. We are very pleased to be able to support a local organisation, located in Hornsby, that supports people with disabilities to participate in the arts. We recently enjoyed a morning of exploring the artists' work further, and were very impressed with its quality and creativity.

Now, just six days before the show opens (8-10 April), Studio ARTES needs the support of its community more than ever. Early this morning (Sunday 3 April), the main studio, the location for many of the programs and storage of art equipment and art works, and the administrative centre, sustained extensive damage from a fire in an adjacent building, and is likely to be demolished. Luckily, no-one was on site, and there were no injuries.

Some of the artworks intended for our show might be damaged or lost, but others are stored at Gallery ARTES, at a different location in the Hornsby CBD. We will negotiate with the gallery manager during the week how we will proceed with our mutual plans for their presence at the quilt show.

An appeal that you might wish to support has been launched here, and more information will be released in the immediate future. The appeal is for cash and/or in kind donations - art supplies or performance materials or equipment. Please go online to the Studio ARTES website or contact Lliane Clarke on 0423 853 210 or
... The fire has caused extensive smoke, water and structural damage, with the roof caving in. We have lost everything. Artworks, filming equipment, computers, costumes to name a few ...  and our home for 140 members and 35 staff. 
We are all devastated. Any assistance you are able to provide will be graciously accepted as we begin to rebuild ... (appeal page)
Studio ARTES is determined to re-build, and to sustain its programs and activities while that happens. So please come to the quilt show and demonstrate your support. And we'd better sell as many raffle tickets as we can!

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