Sunday, April 17, 2016

Two vintage treasures

Dawn's niece offered these two vintage quilts (made c1955 - 1962), for display at our quilt show last weekend, along with a little of their history - they were a lovely addition to our recently made quilts.

The label for the quilt on the right reads: This quilt was made by my grandmother,
Emma Brodbeck Meier (born April 7, 1890 and died January 4 1957 in
Texas, USA) for my parents, Paul and Maree Senff, as a wedding gift in 1955.
Most of the fabrics was used from flour and chicken feed sacks were sold
throughout the depression years into the late 40s. Most were floral print
and you needed 4 sacks to make a dress! Any off cuts were then used to
make quilts. Growing up on a farm and then being a farmer's wife
herself, living through hard times, my grandmother was very practical.
To make a pattern, she'd hold up newspaper against the person she was
sewing for, and cut out the pattern. She had 9 children, including my
mother, and sewed all their clothes. She herself grew up sewing, and
passed it on to her 3 daughters! (Miriam Bunn)
Label for the quilt on the left.

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