Friday, April 15, 2016

This time last week ...

... it was all about the Quilt Show. Setting up in the morning was so much easier and more civilised than the late evening set-ups we've often done! Two years of work by all the members of Fairholme Quilters came together for a very successful show. Thank you to every one of you for your quilts, all of the work that went into making the show a success, and your efforts over the weekend.

Sue C once again did a superb job of managing the quilt display
 - from rounding up the quilts and labelling them, working out
where each would hang, calculating the size of every piece
 of every frame hired from QuiltNSW, where everything else
would fit, and supervising the construction. 
We called in an army of partners, husbands, sons, brothers to
assist us, and they willingly came - some have been doing this
job for years, and they work as a well-oiled machine.
Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Elsa and her team prepared for
afternoon tea sales, and made lunch for the workers - have
to look after them, we need them to come back on Sunday to
take it all apart, a much faster process.
For some years, Robyn L has taken responsibility
for cafe table decorations - this time she
potted up little succulent gardens, and decorated
them with hand made felt hearts and birds.
Just beautiful, Robyn.
Roslyn is not only our vice-president, but she was in charge
of collecting stock for the craft boutique, and managing the
quilt challenge for the show (more of that in another post).
Dawn was her assistant in charge of sales during the show
- the boutique did very well, making a major contribution
 to the show's bottom line. 
Over a year, Roslyn packaged and priced all the items, and
cut metres of 
fabric into useable pieces, and stored it all until
the show date - they sold very quickly. 
She even drafted family
members into making gorgeous 
necklaces that incorporated sewing
items like bobbins and large bright beads that 
were very popular. 
We opened the doors on Friday afternoon, and were
delighted with the constant stream of visitors
- we could not have done it without you!
(This photo is borrowed from Sew Miriam - thank you.)

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