Thursday, April 7, 2016

Next time you see Rousillon, it will be hanging on our Show

One more look at our raffle quilt, Rousillon, in the wild, before it is hung in our Quilt Show tomorrow.

Proceeds of the raffle will go to support Studio ARTES - you can donate directly to their urgent fire appeal here - or come and buy tickets at the Show. A basket of fabric, a newly released quilting book, and a beautifully hand-made craft item comprises the second raffle prize. The raffle will be drawn at the close of the Show on Sunday 10th April.

In other good news, in spite of their extensive losses, Gallery ARTES manager Lise Anderson has been able to curate a collection of artworks to display and to sell in their pop-up shop at the Show, so you can support their recovery just by coming and seeing the surviving work. 

Luckily Gallery ARTES is at a separate location from the main Studio, but some of the Gallery artists' work was stored at the Studio, and is expected to be damaged beyond repair by the fire, water, smoke and structural damage. Fire appeal information is here.

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