Saturday, July 8, 2017

Antique and vintage quilt parade (1)

We enjoyed a parade of vintage and antique quilts earlier this week, as members brought treasures from their own collections and family treasures for close-up inspection. Thank you all for sharing them with us, and to those  (Val, Roslyn, Margaret) who were able to fill in some gaps in the quilts' stories.

Roslyn's vintage quilt was found hung casually over a fence at 
local weekend market, more than 25 years ago. With a toddler 
in a stroller, Roslyn didn't spend much time looking at it, and 
paid the asking price, not knowing if it was a real find. It was.
Quilt historian Annette Gero authenicated it as a hand quilted 
Durham wholecloth quilt from the 1930s, valued at 
considerably more than its $5 market price!
More photos are in this 2014 post, the last time 
we saw this treasure.

Dawn's 'Sixty Five Roses' quilt is on its way to vintage status. 
It was made for her nephew's wedding quilt, and is in regular 
use, as evidenced by the fading on the red border. 
The pattern was first published as a fundraiser for a 
Cystic Fibrosis charity. 

The crocheted lace butterfly is one of four, one in 
each corner of a supper cloth made by Roslyn's 
paternal grandmother for her parents as a wedding 
gift, about 1940.

Denise found this hexagon quilt, of indeterminate age, in an 
op shop. She doesn't particularly like it, but didn't feel it could 
be left behind!  Vintage - probably not yet.
Two more posts are planned on more of the vintage and antique quilts.

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