Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Community sewing day, July 2017

Our monthly community sewing days are always busy, but last Thursday was even busier then usual. We had a particularly high roll-up, and several visitors who all came bearing donations. Eight completed quilt tops were dropped in - Margaret brought in five children's quilt tops - one completed child's quilt went immediately into the delivery bag, and donated fabric kept appearing, as if by magic. It was lovely to catch up with Chris who lives far away, but often sews for us. Thank you everyone for your generosity, and your hard work.

Collaboration was the order of the day.
Top: Elaine machine sewed her binding on, and Elsa took it to
hand sew it closed, allowing Elaine could move on to her next task.
Middle: Elaine won a box of 2 1/2" fabric strips at our Biggest
Morning Tea in May, and is now making them up into a scrappy
'Whirlwind", using Miriam's tutorial.
Bottom: Julie had chosen a fabric pack that had been donated by
Noelle, and made two quilts from it, using Sue C's tumbler template.
Noelle and Sue helped her to baste, and quilting started immediately.
Works in progress: Pat is making a chevron design using
rectangular blocks and a sophisticated colour palette;
Miriam is sewing up some beautifully warm flannels, and will
back them with flannel for extra warmth;
Noelle squared up her quilt that was interrupted by a recent
overseas trip, and has the binding on - nearly done.
More progress - Lynette is trialling a variation of one of her
favourite designs, a disappearing four patch; Dawn has
made a child's quilt from a book panel featuring dragons.
There was a lot more going on - we broke out a new roll of batting basting about ten quilts, we packed donated fabric for storage, did some preparation for the craft stall at our 2018 Quilt Show, and a quick mental count came up with nearly thirty quilts in progress for the second half of the year. Much too busy to take more photos!

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