Thursday, July 20, 2017

This week at Fairholme (2)

Two more interesting vintage pieces came to light for this week's show and tell ...

Margaret was helping to clear a friend's house after his death
when she came across a hexagon coverlet probably made in
the forties or fifties, judging by the fabrics. The hexagons are
about an inch and a half, the background fabric and backing
are a sturdy blue cotton.
The mix of fabric prints in the hexagons is varied and interesting 
- probably dress making scraps. The friend's late wife had been
 a quilter, but there is no provenance for the piece, and it might 
have been stored undisturbed for sixteen years.
Val bought this piece of undated textile art from a trader in
Newtown many years ago. Made from silk, it is a purdah
(from the Persian for 'curtain'), sourced from the region of
Afghanistan. The ties at the top indicate its intended use.
It was a single layer when Val bought it. She has added a light
batting and backing, and hand quilted it in black thread, using
motifs from the pieces, and from the region, including a ram's
head, a symbol associated with Alexander the Great who died
in 323 BC in Babylon (modern Iraq).
The black sashing strips are hand-embroidered braids, commonly
made by women in the region. There is evidence of a little wear,
but the colours are still rich and warm. It is used as a couch quilt.

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