Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Antique and vintage quilt parade (3)

Lynette has gathered a lovely collection of antique and vintage quilts over several years. She generously brought in most of them last week for us to see them up close, and to take in their qualities. Lynette has bought several quilts from American dealer, Jane Lury of Labors of Love. Jane's 'Meanderings of a Quilt Collector' was published by Quiltmania in 2016.

Hexagons, of course!
Edge of the Grandmother's Flowergarden.
22 blade Dresdan Plate, 1930s, bought in Japan, from
Jane Lury.
'Jack in the Pulpit', from Texas, 1920s.
Beautifully hand quilted.

Late 19thC - early 20th C, bought in Houston, 2012. This
one is very large, and it might just be Lynette's favourite.

Late 19thC, possibly English, Also bought
from Jane Lury.
Bear's Paw, bought in Houston in 1999.
Late 19thC - 1900, 'Robbing Peter to Pay Paul' block.
You can see that the batting is very thin and worn, but the
blue fabric has held its colour remarkably well.
Bought in rural Canada from an estate clearance, for $40
- the family didn't like it!

Labelled as made in February 1948. The tulip fabric is
feed sacks. The stems and leaves are embroidered.

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