Tuesday, July 18, 2017

This week at Fairholme (1)

Another big week of beautiful quilts generously shared ...

Susan M put together a collection of aboriginal prints, and put
them together with thin black sashing, an ochre border and a wide
black border - now she's contemplating how to quilt this beauty ... 
... and on the day Susan brought her quilt top in, Pam visited
the morning group (she usually attends our evening group), and
was working on her aboriginal print quilt, that has thin black
sashing, an ochre border and a wide black border! Neither knew
about the other's plans. Pam is hand-quilting indigenous motifs
in her final border. Detail of the prints below.

Jenn joined us for the first time this week. Her show and
tell was this stunner that you might have seen hanging at the
recent Sydney Quilt Show. It is her original design, based on
the concept of Intersectionality - overlapping components of
identity. Jenn used Marti Michel's 60ยบ ruler for all those angles,
and chose the colours to suggest transparency.

Totally unexpectedly, Julie and Jo-Ann have presented us
with a finished quilt, a very stylish 'brick wall' of William Morris
fabrics that they made for another prize for our 2018 Quilt
Show raffle! How good is that? Jo provided the fabric from her
stash,Julie pieced it, and Jo quilted it on her long-arm.
Generosity plus - thank you secret sewers.

Dawn has finished her "Whirlwind' quilt and has donated it
to our community collection - it has already been donated to
a resident in dementia care, along with several other, today.
Its clear bright colours will be very welcome.

Miriam's 'Australis' is looking even more wonderful,
quilted by Jo-Ann Phillips.
It was very good to see ElaineW yesterday after some time
recovering from surgery. She spent some of her convalescent
time finishing off her long-term handwork project.
And starting the next thing ...

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