Thursday, July 6, 2017

This week's quilts

We had two 'show and tell' sessions on Monday - the first was our recently finished quilts and current works in progress ...

Diana was asked for a green and blue quilt
 - she has made that, and so much more!
Julie took a 'one fabric' class with Margaret Cormack,
using this lovely soft sage green print. She says she mucked
it up a bit, but she's covered her tracks very well ...
... and scored a second quilt from the discarded
pieces from the first.

Val had a large basket of scraps, and a need for a sofa quilt.
She chose mostly from the soft blues and rich yellow scraps,
sewn into alternating nine patch and hour-glass blocks.
And the scrap basket? Still full.
Dawn is just finishing off the binding on the fourth Music
Camp quilt she has made using fabric signed by music
students at her niece's high school.
Dawn is about to quilt two baby quilts ...

 ... for her expected tenth and eleventh
Jo is joining the baby boom with a gender-neutral
quilt for her god-daughter's first baby.
This one is for a child too, a community quilt made by Elaine B
- lots of little monsters feature in the prints - not scary though.

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