Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Show and tell isn't always predictable ...

Jo is back from the USA, and and brought along
some treasures this week, including this lovely antique quilt
purchase.  It was made about 1900, and although there
is not a lot of documentation, some inferences can be
made about the quilter - it is assumed she was comparatively
well off, because the quilt not scrappy,  being made from just
two fabrics (a dark grey floral print and white), and it is
machine quilted.  The batting is now quite thin, and the quilt is
very soft and drapes beautifully, probably indicating that
it has been well used. Jo was astonished at the large numbers
of antique quilts they saw for sale. We loved hearing about
your trip, Jo and the many fascinating things you encountered.
Pam is a woman of many talents. she makes beautiful quilts,
and is a musician with a particular interest in folk music.
She recently made this beautiful birch and ply three-stringed 

instrument - a dulstrum - herself! She played a short 
melody for us on Tuesday evening - demonstrating its 
sweet, delicate sound, but it also has an electronic pickup 
allowing it to be amplified to sound quite different when 
called for! Isn't she clever?

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