Thursday, October 12, 2017

Post-long-weekend show and tell (1)

Nothing like a break to produce a bumper show and tell, like this week's after the long weekend. There's more to come.

We were delighted that 6 year old Piper joined us on Monday
morning, as it was the last day of her school holidays. She is
making a boro piece, sewing all by herself, and choosing her
fabrics from her Mum's stash. She thinks she might like to
be a quilter. Wouldn't that be fabulous?
The Zen of hand quilting - Val is making exquisitely even
 stitches in her scrap-busting quilt. But it hardly dented her
scrap basket. We can all relate.

Roslyn's long term hand piecing project, made with 2"
hexagons is beautifully finished! An adaptation of 'Not the
Levens Hall' quilt, started under the influence of Margaret Sampson
George, machine quilted by Jo-Ann (Quiltwise)

The baptist fan quilt pattern is a favourite of Roslyn's
and works so well for this quilt.

We knew Yvette was making some red and white blocks ... and
were blown away by her finished Farmer's Wife quilt! It was
quilted by Jo-Ann (Quiltwise).  The blocks are 6".
The popular design is by Laurie Aaron Hird - the pattern is
in her 2015 book, and there are many examples on the internet
- just Google for information and images.

Yvette considered a 'redder' border, but felt it overwhelmed
the blocks, and settled on the very pretty and complimentary
red Paisley print on cream.

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